March 15, 2020 (see below for more current updates)

Letter to all Residents, Staff, Family Members and Visitors of our Care Centers from our CEO

Over the past week, the impact of the novel coronavirus across the country and our state have us all at a heightened state of awareness for the safety of all our Residents and loved ones.  Each of our care centers have planned contingencies for this type of situation and we are responding by following internal Infection Control Protocols combined with recommendations from health authorities.

We are pleased to announce that none of our facilities are reporting signs or symptoms of the virus.  This could change at any moment and we will use our website and hotlines to keep interested parties up to date with important developments.  Our facilities are committed to protecting our residents and have taken many measures including, but not limited to the following:


  • We are screening all residents in the facility daily for fever, proper oxygen saturation levels and respiratory issues
  • We have suspended communal dining and group activities
  • We have educated the residents on proper handwashing techniques
  • We will be communicating important developments with the residents regularly


  • We are restricting all non-essential visitors to the facility at this time
  • We are following Governor Inslee’s proclamation and the Department of Health’s recommendations issued on March 10th regarding visitors to Skilled Nursing Facilities that include the following:
    • Discourage visitation to the facility and use alternative methods of visitation
    • Limit resident visits to 1 adult visitor per day
    • Actively screen visitors for symptoms including fever and respiratory issues
    • All visits will be conducted in the resident rooms and not in common areas


  • We are screening all employees daily before the start of their shift by taking temperatures and checking for other symptoms before they begin work.
  • Employees with questionable status will be sent home.
  • We have educated our staff on proper use of Personal Protective Equipment, Hand Washing and Cough Etiquette.


  • We are taking inventory of our Personal Protective Equipment weekly to maintain sufficient supplies and have coordinated back up supplies if necessary.

Thank you for your support.


Brian Newberry
CEO, Five Oaks Healthcare


COVID-19 Critical Update

April 3, 2020

Over the past several days it has been our intent to update our community, residents and staff about key information as it relates to our facility at Shoreline Health and Rehabilitation.  Many of our community members, family members, residents and beloved staff have expressed gratitude for our intentions in maintaining constant and clear communication through this web portal.  We know that many of you are dependent upon us as a caregiver to respond appropriately and in concert with state mandates as we collectively navigate this COVID-19 pandemic.

After consultation with the Washington Health Care Association (WHCA):


Washington State Department of Health:


and the Governor’s office:


they have determined that the information that individual facilities can provide is so fast-moving and at times inconclusive, that they have asked that we NOT provide regular updates to our website but rather refer all inquiries to them (see above for their website information).  Their information (though not facility specific) will help assist you with data related to statistics, resources, and community outreach help.

Although as an independent facility we strive to be a constructive resource to our community that may have an interest in this information and data, we have been counseled by our health organizations that we must also maintain employee and resident privacy. Thus, in ensuring that privacy is maintained, we have unfortunately been directed to not provide any further update information to you via our website. As we are required to report our facility data directly to the Department of Human Services, we likewise encourage you to request this and other data related to COVID-19 from them going forward or from the resources noted above.  



Update April 1, 2020

As we updated you over the weekend, we announced that we received back a presumptive-positive COVID test for a previously discharged patient at our facility. While we were caught off guard at the ultimate result of this test for this particular patient, given that the patient only briefly exhibited a low grade fever, we have been treating this critical case as being very serious given the prolific nature of this virus.  As we had been expecting a positive result at some point, even with our extensive infection control protocols, we now continue to work feverishly to abate any further contamination.

At this time we are pleased to report that this positive patient is resting at home (no longer housed in our facility) and that our patient is not demonstrating any signs or symptoms.

We also want to reiterate that this patient was residing in a private room during her entire stay at Shoreline and had been on isolation precautions since last Thursday March 26, 2020.

As a precautionary measure, we did send out an additional 5 individuals for testing today. We wanted you to know that 2 of these tests were for residents that were residing in adjacent rooms to our formerly positive patient. In a similar fashion to our positive patient, these 2 individuals are not currently exhibiting signs or symptoms; however, due to their proximity to the positive patient, we made the decision to proactively test these 2 neighboring patients.

The remaining three (3) tests were for residents that exhibited a cough but no other symptoms (2) and the remaining patient had already tested negative in the hospital but because of a brief fever over 100 degrees, we elected to re-test this patient.  Though labs and hospitals are as busy as can be, we are hoping to receive results of these tests by Thursday April 2, 2020.  We will update you as soon as we hear back from the lab.

In addition to the above tests and in concert with our commitment to our facility infection protocols and our concern for our amazing staff, we also started testing priority employees (employees coming in direct contact with the positive patient).  We completed 14 tests today, April 1, 2020.  It is our hope that we will have these results on these tests by early next week.  Furthermore, we will be testing additional employees tomorrow (April 2, 2020).

So that you know, and as a matter of communication, none of these employees being tested are currently exhibiting any signs or symptoms of COVID-19, but in an abundance of caution we are doing what we ascertain as critical for our employees and residents.

We will continue our practice of monitoring patients daily for signs and symptoms and testing anyone that exhibits symptoms.  As we learn more, and as stated in our last update, we have added a few symptoms to our watchlist.  In addition to watching for rises in temperatures, decreases in O2 saturation levels, dry cough and shortness of breath, we are also looking for lethargy and loss of appetite.

Again, we thank you for your support and ask you to please stay safe, wash your hands often and maintain social distancing recommendations. 


Update March 30, 2020

In accordance with our update provided just a few days ago, we wanted to provide you with more up to date information for Shoreline Health & Rehabilitation based on recent testing events over the weekend.

As we had previously indicated, most if not all of our area hospitals and nursing homes have been treating presumptive positive COVID-19 patients, and even with every infection protocol instituted since the inception of the outbreak, we were anticipating that our facility would also be affected in some manner.  While we had previously been COVID-19 free at our facility, we learned on Saturday, March 29, 2020 that a pending test returned as positive.  While we were surprised at the result of this test given that the patient only briefly exhibited a low-grade fever, the result is in concert with our expectations given the prevalence of this outbreak throughout King County.

It is important to understand that this patient voluntarily discharged home on Friday with no signs or symptoms of COVID-19 and therefore is no longer connected to our facility.  Furthermore, while being skilled at our facility, this particular resident was housed in a private room with no roommates in the vicinity.  In following CDC and DHS protocols, we have performed a thorough disinfection of this patient’s former room and now have permission from local authorities to perform testing on patients in adjacent rooms to determine if anyone else may have been exposed.

Though not required by statute, we are also in the process of testing all of our staff that may have had contact or prolonged exposure with this test-positive patient.  Testing staff with no signs or symptoms is extremely challenging as most testing labs refuse to test asymptomatic individuals.  Moreover, as we have been performing daily (and at times hourly) symptom checks on our staff, we currently do not have any caregivers that are exhibiting symptoms.  Given this lack of symptoms, we are encouraged to NOT test individuals; however, in an effort to be proactive with our front-line people, we are working feverishly to find testing methods for asymptomatic individuals.

As has been our practice and protocol, we will continue our daily monitoring of our patients, being sensitive to all signs and symptoms that any of them may exhibit.  Also, as we have now treated a presumptive-positive resident (although previously discharged from our facility) we now have the authority to commence testing on anyone (residents or staff) that exhibits even the mildest of symptoms.  As we continue to learn more from our own medical staff as well as our community medical leaders, we have increased our awareness of additional symptoms which may include rises in temperatures, decreases in O2 saturation levels, dry cough, shortness of breath, lethargy and loss of appetite.

All other interventions and infection control procedures that have already been established will continue in full force and effect, including following Governor Inslee’s directive in restricting visitors.  As an added directive, we will enhance our infection control procedures by now requiring all staff to wear masks in the facility.

As always, we express our gratitude to you for your support and ask you to please stay safe, wash your hands often and maintain social distancing recommendations.


Update March 27, 2020

As it has been over a week since we last updated this page, we felt it important to our family members, residents, staff and community to provide you with a brief summary of the status of Shoreline Health and Rehabilitation.  We are pleased to report that our strict infectious control procedures, self-imposed isolation measures, faithful adherence to reduced admissions from hospitals together with an incredible staff that follows every guideline regarding this pandemic has led to a COVID-19 free facility. However, as acute hospitals are now overflowing with patient loads (not just COVID-19 issues, but all medically related cases), we are being asked to admit those patients that are now symptom free, are asymptomatic, or are in recovery.  Thus far, we have been working diligently with the hospitals, Department of Health (“DHS”), Centers of Disease Control (“CDC”) and other State and Federal agencies (collectively “CMS”) (including Washington Health Care Association “WHCA”)) to determine the viability and containment of the virus should such patients be admitted to our Facility.  Naturally, the care and concern of our current residents is our paramount objective.

We have been following all of the guidelines as published by the CDC and have been in daily contact with DHS and CMS for health updates, protocols, prevention measures, information and facility readiness.  Furthermore, we have been coordinating with other area facilities to determine health care needs for our entire King County population including hospitals, assisted living and independent living communities.  It has been reported to us that all area hospitals have now experienced presumptive-positive cases of COVID-19 within their facilities, whether they be patient population or staff members and many of our nursing home communities in our area are in a stop-placement status (not taking new admissions) due to the fact that they are treating COVID-19 residents.  As we are still COVID-19 free, we are still admitting patients, but under the strictest of guidelines as mandated by our Medical Director in concert with our Director of Nursing. Nevertheless, to ease the burden on our acute hospitals, King County, DHS and WHCA are working with us to help the hospitals in placing these patients as described above.

Though you can find statistics on various websites related to Washington state, the nation and even King County (see:, we report to you that King County has received 10,843 test results with 9,484 returning as negative and 1,359 coming back positive. For females, there have been 689 positive cases and 5,666 negative cases. For males, there have been 621 positive cases and 3,775 negative cases. As of March 24, King County has recorded 100 deaths and 1,359 confirmed cases. Statewide, there are at least 129 total deaths, and the total case count has surpassed 2,469. It is not our intent to provide statistics to you or educate the public on facts and figures (as these can be found on other websites) but to state that our facility cares for the better part of these vulnerable citizens in our community and therefore we have the obligation to follow the strictest of guidelines to ensure their safety and well-being.

We continue to run a heightened protocol among our staff, with most of them wearing masks (supplies are limited but we seek daily to find personal protective equipment for our frontline staff) every shift/all shift, and we continue to sanitize all hard surface-high touch areas 3X’s per day (switches, rails, counter tops, and door handles).  Our hygiene protocol has been approved and documented by DHS through intermittent infection control surveys throughout the month of March and we faithfully follow our guidelines of handwashing, limited patient touch, social distancing as much as possible and thorough sanitizing in accordance with DHS checklists. Furthermore, and much to the chagrin of our residents, we have closed all group activities, dining room meals, and are limiting/restricting patient and staff flow to individual halls as much as possible.  The facility has for some time been closed to all visitors and volunteers except for end-of-life situations on a case by case basis.

We also want to reiterate that each staff member, clinician and most importantly our residents are screened daily (and in many cases hourly) for symptoms of COVID-19.  Potentially symptomatic staff are immediately sent home and residents are sent to the Emergency Room for testing (tests have not been made available to nursing homes unless a wide-spread outbreak has been declared).  In addition, roommates of returning to hospital residents are put into isolation pending test results from previously discharged residents.

We understand given the gravity and prevalence of this outbreak, and with many of our community facilities caring for symptomatic patients, that it will be only a matter of time before Shoreline Health and Rehabilitation is also caring for presumptive-positive or recuperating patients.  We will do so in accordance with our commitment to the community and under the strictest of guidelines as proffered by DHS, CMS and the CDC but as of yet, we are pleased to report that our facility is COVID-19 free.

COVID-19 Update

Update as of March 20, 2020

At Shoreline Health and Rehabilitation, we have a profound commitment to the health, safety, and well-being of our family of residents. As trained healthcare professionals, the staff at Shoreline Health and Rehabilitation is committed to providing the highest level of care to protect our residents and to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus within the state of Washington. On this webpage, we will continue to post updates as they pertain to our facility, or to guide family members and residents on enhanced facility procedures.

To date, none of our residents or staff has shown symptoms of COVID-19. However, given that 22 Nursing Homes in the state of Washington are treating and caring for presumptive-positive cases for COVID-19 residents, and with 1,302 confirmed active cases in the State of Washington, we are working closely with the Public Health – Seattle & King County and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Beginning on March 7th, we started working directly with Public Health and the CDC to implement additional and enhanced procedures of infection control to regulate and restrict the spread of infectious disease. These government agencies continuously evaluate and endorse the infection control protocols we have in place to prevent the spread of an outbreak in our facility.

Moreover, our residents, and their primary decision-makers, have been notified of our procedures and will shortly be notified of this website update system. Our managing nurses and outreach staff, where and when necessary, will make briefings to them via telephone on a regular basis.

Beginning today we will provide updates on this website as needed. We respect the dignity of the residents in our care. Of course, we are in continuous direct contact with our residents and their loved ones, providing detailed information about health status, care needs, and all ways to connect with us at the facility.

The following links and phone numbers are to assist you in learning more about this situation and provide links to external entities that can provide more information.

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