Shoreline is starting 2015 off with a big unveiling as we pull the curtain back on two beautiful wall murals decorating our 2nd floor dining halls:


At Shoreline, we understand that the health of our residents is tied to their environment, and we are always looking to improve our
facility for the benefit of those under our care. To that end, Shoreline commissioned illustrator and muralist, Greg Hartman, to conceive
and paint murals on our 2nd floor dining hall walls. Greg is a Seattle native and acclaimed visual artist. A man who puts an emphasis on images that tell a story, Greg has painted murals all over the world from sweeping landscapes for businesses, to children’s play rooms.


Used for both meals and recreational activities, Shoreline’s North and South Dining Halls are open to all our residents but are most frequented by our long-term care residents. Since these rooms are hubs for activity in our community, we wanted to do something to make them even more welcoming. Greg’s design for each room’s mural is unique, and crafted to bring out more of the room’s personality. In the South Dining Hall, Greg painted a mural of rich, farmlands and sweeping mountains, a soothing vista for residents relaxing outside of their rooms. The North Dining Hall received a mural depicting a trendy, European-style courtyard and cafe complete with patrons to complement the residents having lunch. The completion of the murals is just one more step in the ongoing update of Shoreline’s second floor so that we continue to make a difference in the lives of all our guests.

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